Citizens Voice Against Corruption

The project Citizen Voice against Corruption (CVAC) started from July 2016 with an objective to provide citizens of Pakistan a platform to voice their concerns, demand their rights and hold government accountable resulting in an open, transparent and a democratic society that rejects corruption. The three major goals are related to; Enhanced Social Accountability, Strengthened A-C Legislation and Strengthened Enforcement of A-C Mechanisms.

The project activities include citizens meetings with local government authorities for communicating their concerns and demanding their rights, meetings with parliamentarians and executives to lobby the government to provide space for civil societies and include them in the policy making process, providing free legal advice to the victims and witnesses of corruption, communicating citizens’ concerns to the relevant government departments, providing training to citizens on right to information laws, and using social accountability tools such as citizen report card study to provide the government a systematic feedback of the citizens about service delivery. The CVAC also aims to lobby the government to enact better laws such as right to information, right to services and whistle blower protection laws for improved transparency, accountability and minimizing corruption.

Another objective is to improve the capacity of public officials and local government representatives regarding social accountability tools, right to information laws and anti-corruption mechanism in the country. The CVAC also disseminates information useful for the public in knowing and demanding their rights through social media, flyers and reports.