a) Women Empowerment Organization (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)

This one-day training workshop was held in Peshawar on 13th March 2013 and 35 participants took part in it. Participants were first briefed about the workshop background. Transparency International was introduced. Its aim and objectives and role in combating corruption were described. Its project, ALAC and its objectives were introduced. The WEO oriented participants with examples of good complaints and bad complaints, and also an example of letters written by TI on behalf of their complainant based on evidence provided by the latter.

Moreover, participants were briefed that TI Pakistan provided free legal advice to victims of corruption on how to go about filling complaints with the respective authorities and/or the court of law and how to follow up to help them materialize their case.

The following topics were covered during the session:

1. Breaking the myths of writing complaints to the higher authorities

2. Difference between a Good and a Bad complaint

3. Difference between an individual and a joint complaint.

4. Introduction to NAB, Public Accounts Committee, Wafaqi Muhtasib, Chief Ministers Office, and Transparency International Pakistan

5. Relation of a complaint (allegations mentioned in the complaint) with its relevant audience

6. Language of complaint

7. How to find addresses

8. How to follow-up a complaint

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b) Lion’s Heart Youth Welfare Association (Sindh)

A one-day training workshop was held in University of Karachi on 14th March, 2013 with 50 students actively participating in the event. The ALAC staff presided over the session themselves and the pattern of the presentation was the same as shown above.

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c) Lion’s Heart Youth Welfare Association (Sindh)

Another three-hour training session was also held on 28th March, 2013 with the help of the Lion’s Heart Youth Welfare Association. This workshop was held at University of Karachi where the ALAC staff again conducted the workshop and trained 45 new students about ALAC and writing complaints.

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