The ‘Mobile ALAC’ programme

The concept of the Mobile ALAC is to provide instant relief to citizens that may not have the resources or knowledge to take advantage of a legal advice centre such as ALAC.

The aim of this project is to provide a service that will be so unique to the citizen that it cannot do anything but yield favourable results for the aggrieved. Thus, at the outset, this activity will intend to disseminate information and/or legal advice to different groups of people in different localities.
Seeing as how there is a large scope for this idea to blossom, we tested the waters in a few neighbourhoods in Karachi. Provided that we have the resource for it, we want to eventually extend these mobile ALAC sessions to interior Sindh (the province that Karachi is in) and other surrounding rural areas. In the future we hope to extend them to other provinces with the help of partnerships with other civil society organizations and/or the TNN.

To reiterate, the objectives of the mobile ALAC are:

This project will be carried out by an Assistant Project Coordinator and a male lawyer; both are well-versed in how to handle prospective clients and the limits that the ALAC works in.

So far, five three-hour sessions have taken place. These yielded 71 new contacts that had not heard of TIP or ALAC’s services before. In conclusion, it was held that this service plays a valuable part in advertising to the common man and that we should continue doing it in the next few quarters as well.

District: Bukkhar

District: Gujrat

District: Jacobbabad

District: Khushab

District: Vehari