Workshop on Punjab Transparency and Right to Information Act 2013(3rd August 2016)

TI Pakistan arranged a Mobile ALAC in Chak 37WC Vehari in collaboration with Sudhar Development Organization. The objective of the camp was to give free legal advice to the victims and witnesses of corruption however apart from corruption related complaints, people were also given general advice. Chaudhary Shoaib Anjum was the lawyer who provided legal advice. ALAC Coordinator, Ashfaque Ahmed also attended the event on behalf of Transparency International Pakistan and highlighted the causes of corruption and the work being done by TI Pakistan.

The total numbers of Initial Contacts (ICs) generated through this Mobile ALAC were 105. Among them 101 were female and 04 were male. People showed their dissatisfaction on the performance of the government and public offices. Most of their problems were related to the local government which is yet to be functional. They are running out of motivation and hope, and almost believe that their problems would not be solved. The senior citizens told that they have been fighting for almost three decades but their standard of living has not been improved whereas the corruption is the main reason behind all this. TI representative and the president of Sudhar Development Organization motivated the people and told them the fight against corruption in Pakistan is not easy. The people have to face lots of difficulties; however, new laws like (RTI, Whistle Blower Protection, and Right to Services), strong media, improved literacy and awareness levels, and organizations like TI Pakistan are working hard in coordination with other organizations to help people fight against corruption which will ultimately improve their status.

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