Workshop on Sindh Transparency and Right to Information Act 2016

June 24, 2019

TTransparency International Pakistan in collaboration with HAPE Development and Welfare Association organized a workshop in District Badin on Sindh Transparency and Right to Information Act 2016. A total of 29 participants attended the session including four females. TI Pakistan’s trainer told the participants that the act provided them the right to access public information from Public Information Officers (PIOs) appointed in each public institution. He further told them the applicants are not required to furnish any reason for getting the information as per the law. The information then can be used to identify any possible corruption or mismanagement. The whole process of writing RTI applications, their follow up, proactive disclosure, and the role of Information Commission were elaborated in the workshop. The participants wrote sample RTI applications. In the end, TI Pakistan representative answered the questions raised by the participants.

Event Images