RTI Training workshop in Malakand 21 February 2019

On February 21, 2019 in collaboration with MRDO, a workshop was organized in Malakand District on KPK Right to Information Act 2013. The total number of participants were 34 including social workers, students, teachers and entrepreneurs. All the participants were male. The reason female participants could not attend this workshop is the cultural restriction to avoid mixed gathering with males. The session was conducted by TI Pakistan representative. The participants actively participated in the workshop and raised questions as how this law could help them when government departments don't bother to listen to their previous complaints and long standing issues. They were informed about the application procedure, process and how the law was evolved in the country. The role of Information Commission was particularly discussed which could help them when their RTI request was denied by the PIO. In the end, all the participants wrote RTI application.

Event Images