Citizens’ Meeting with Ex-Local Government Representatives - Ziarat

July 22, 2019

Transparency International Pakistan in collaboration with Sabawoon for Peace & Sustainable development (SPSD) organized a meeting with ex-members of local government Ziarat and citizens. The meeting was held in Hotel Shalimar, Zairat. The meeting was attended by 16 participants from Local Government, Civil society organization representatives (CSOs), Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) local government and Media. The purpose of the meeting was to provide the citizens an opportunity to hold their representative accountable. The meeting also collected views from the participants about the performance of Local Government Act Balochistan 2010.

Mr, Akhtar Lala Ex-Councilor said that the current system has many weaknesses and local Government representatives has less power instead of previous local Government system during Perviaz Musharraf regime. One member Mr, Sadullah Duttani said the law provided no proper check and balance and there is huge space for corruption. Mr, Shajahan said local Government has a vital role in democratic system. The provincial Government should hold local government elections in Balochistan as early as possible. A social activist, Ubadullah said the Provincial Government is bond to conduct the election in 120 days according to local government act 2010 section 16 (2) after its expiry on January 27, 2019.

The participants demanded for a newly or amended law for local government in Balochistan and to conduct the elections according to Article 140 A to transfer the Financially, Administrative and politically power to elected representatives.

The citizens also raised questions about the performance of the local government representatives as per their power. They pointed out that issues like cleanliness and sanitations which could have been resolved easily but LG members did not pay much attention towards them.

In the end all the participants and the LG members appreciated the efforts of TI Pakistan to conduct such gathering which educate citizens about their democratic rights.

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