Citizens meeting with Local Govt. representatives in District Layyah

The role of Local Government is crucial in solving citizens’ basic problems and improving their daily life. Similarly, in a democratic process, citizens hold their representatives accountable and ask questions about their performance. On August 8, 2018, Transparency International in collaboration with Health and Peace Foundation organized a meeting between Local Govt. representatives and citizens in District Layyah. Mr. Tahir Sufyan Bhatti, Chairman UC Saharan, Mr. Zahid Habib Vice Chairman UC Saharan were present to reply public concerns/questions. While Muhammad Hayat Sayal, Executive Director PWS, Muhammad Afzal Nadeem Sayal, General Secretary Health and Peace Foundation and Mr. Muhammad Sabir Atta President Sanwal Sangat from civil society along with citizens asked various questions regarding health, sewage and water supply schemes. The LG representatives told the audience that LG representatives of entire Punjab are facing similar challenges. The allocated budget is very low and they are short of resources while the expectations of citizens are very high. However, having limited resources, they are doing their best to serve citizens.

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