Citizens Meeting with Local Government Representatives, District Lasbella - Balochistan

March 26, 2019

Transparency International Pakistan in collaboration with Welfare Association for Young Generation (WANG) organized a meeting between citizens and local government representatives in Tehsil Winder, Lasbella. In the beginning, Muhammad Aslam Soori, Inayat ulla Rathor and Abdul Hafiz Angariya who were the ex-LG members presented the case of LG government in front of citizens. They accepted that they could not deliver what was promised with the citizens before the election. They blamed lack of funds and powers were the main reasons behind their underperformance. In response to a question they responded that resignation was not the solution if LG system is toothless. They told that they staged protests and went to the court seeking more powers and funds from the provincial government. LG members told the current system of LG needs amendment and rectified for better service delivery. While the citizens also of the view that for better performance, the elected members should be educated and properly trained in dealing with local government issues. The event was covered in the local newspaper.

Event Images

Newspaper Coverage