Focus Group Discussion on Local Government Services in Mardan and Swabi, KPK

September 17, 2019

Transparency International Pakistan in team up with Movement for Rural Development Organization (MRDO) organized a Focus Group Discussion in Mardan district. The objective was to discuss and explore various aspects and problems in local admiration services provided in District Mardan and Swabi and finalize the survey instrument. A total of 12 participants from both the districts took part in the discussion. They have experience in working with different projects of local government of Mardan and Swabi. The participants agreed that local government is basic pillar of democracy. They are hopeful that the new local government act 2019 will further transfer the powers at the bottom down. However, the women participants opined their male counterparts are not willing to share equal powers with them due to cultural norms. Transparency International Pakistan representative conducted the session and facilitated the participants.

Event Images