Citizens Report Card Study – Education

Districts Kallat & Sourab

April 20 to 24, 2019

Transparency International Pakistan conducted a Citizen Report Card Study on Education in district Kallat and district Sourab. The study was collaborated with Youth for Social Development Balochistan which is a local NGO in the province. The aim of the study was to get citizens feedback on public schools in the two districts. Generally, the condition of schools were not appreciable as most of them suffering from shortage of teachers particularly science teachers and female teachers. Most of the primary schools have one or two teachers who take all six classes in a room or two. Basic necessities like, drinking water, clean toilets, and security are not provided in most of the schools. More than 400 respondents took part in the study who were asked questions from experienced enumerators. The study was monitored by TI Pakistan and Youth for Social Development. The result of the CRC will be published in a separate report compiled after analyzing the data.

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