Citizens Meeting with Local Government Representatives, Pir Mehal, Toba Tek Singh

June 17, 2019

Transparency International Pakistan in collaboration with Social Welfare Society (SWS) conducted a meeting between citizens and the ex-local government representatives in Pir Mehal. Rashid Khokhar and Azra Naseem represented the district council while Advocate Shahbaz Alam represented UC75. A total of 30 citizens including 10 women participated the session. In the beginning, Project Coordinator Transparency International Pakistan introduced TI Pakistan and its working. He also informed the objectives of the meeting. Advocate Shahbaz Alam told the participants the challenges they faced during their tenure of local government. Ms. Azra Naseem who was the Ex member of District Council discussed the various problems faced by women. She told that the system is not supporting specifically to the women. Citizens also raised questions about the incomplete work and the lack of powers of local government. They hoped that the new system will perform better in delivering quality services. The Project Coordinator TI Pakistan urged citizens to learn about RTI laws and use them. He also urged members of Local Government to know about their rights and duties mentioned in the local government act of Punjab. The event was covered in the newspaper.

Event Images

Newspaper Coverage