Awareness Sessions Gender Pilot Project - Jamshoro

TI Pakistan in collaboration with Rural Development Foundation (RDF) Jamshoro, Hyderabad organized 07 Community Awareness Session on Gender Equality, Family Laws and Gender Corruption in Kiran Khan Shoro, Jedal Shah, Narejo Paro, Sabria Goth, Brohi Goth,Wadhu Wah Jamshoro, Jamali Goth, between June 26 and July 8, 2019. TI Pakistan's Project Coordinator Ms Nasreen Memon informed the participants the details of the TI Pakistan's Gender project. Along with the Social Mobilizer Ms Sanober Shoro, she highlighted the rights of the women and briefed them on topics of Family Laws, Health, Education and corruption issues faced by them. About 35 to 40 women attended each session. An interactive discussion took place where the women talked about the issues faced by them. They also mentioned the difficulty in getting their Computerized National Identity Cards. The trainers gave suggestions as to how they can resolve the issues.

Event Images