Community Dialogue – Tehsil Athara Hazari CHK 399

“Challenges Faced by Community During COVID-19″

On 31 March 2021, Transparency International Pakistan arranged a Community Dialogue in Tehsil Athara Hazari CHK. 399 with the females of a local village community. The purpose of the gathering is to share experiences of the challenges faced by the community particularly women during COVID-19. A total of 16 participants gathered during the session. All of them were females.

The speakers were Madam. Rubina, a private school teacher; and Ms. Afshan who was a social worker participated in the session. The session was moderated by TI Pakistan representative, Mr. Ashfaque Ahmed. The speakers pointed out that education was badly disturbed by COVID. Children are not accustomed to online education. Ms. Rashida said that the government should support private school female teachers most of them are jobless now due to closures of many schools. Ms. Kulsoom who have been working for women economic empowerment highlighted that women entrepreneurs supporting their families by doing small business at home have faced financial loses due to economic slowdown. During lockdown, women could not visit hospitals due to COVID fear, while private hospitals charges were out of their reach.

Transparency International representative Ashfaque Ahmed told the participants that his organization believes that gender balance and women empowerment are the reason behind progress of any nation. Countries who were headed by women faced the COVID crises brilliantly. Women not only manage homes but can also manage the countries.

In the end, everyone appreciated the efforts of Transparency International Pakistan for providing them such forum to share their experience and raise awareness.

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