Campaign: Curbing Corruption in the Education Sector

Activity: Awareness seminar and interactive session

Partner/implementing NGO: Rural Development Organization (RDO)

Venue: Toba Tek Singh, Punjab

Through our partner the Rural Development Organization (RDO) in Punjab, TI Pakistan carried out a seminar against corruption in the education sector in the district of Toba Tek Singh. This one-day event was held on 30th September, 2012. More than 125 people attended this session while 63 self signed registered persons participated in event. After a brief introduction to the organizations involved in this campaign, Mr. Muhammad Mohsin, the C.E.O of RDO, started the seminar with a personal account: “I have witnessed that a majority of the government school teachers do not like to educate their own children in government schools due to the low educational standards; even though they are partly to blame for that too. On the other hand, they like to carry on their jobs and get regular salaries from government institutions but are not satisfied enough to admit their own children n the schools where they teach; instead, they rely on private institutions, this is a highly notable norm of corruption. This type of double-minded teaching should be called moral corruption.”

Next, a retired teacher, Mr. Muhammad Yousuf Tahir, emphasized on the training of children from an early age by their parents. If parents take interest in their children’s education process and remain in contact with teachers then the present situation of education department can be improved.

Mr. Muhammad Ehsan, another teacher, emphasized that teachers needed to be more responsible themselves and break free from their lazy mindsets. They needed to be more honest and vigilant in the performance of their duties so as to become an inspiration for the next generation.

A media representative, Rana Muhammad Saleem, said that there should be a strict record of teachers and their duty hours by either a finger-printing or carding attendance system. Mr. Muhammad Sajid, an M.Sc student said that the roots of corruption at the higher education level were deep. He alleged that discrimination and unfair favouritism by teachers was rampant in government universities. After the speakers had finished talking, the participants were told about the leaflets created by TI Pakistan. They were told to contact ALAC’s hotline number or post for any corruption-related complaints, especially those relating to the education department.